Test Prep Resources

With so many test prep options available, we decided to create a post to link you to the test prep companies that we are aware of. Please keep in mind that studying for entrance exams looks different for every student--some people prefer a guided course or group studying, while others do better preparing on their own. Our hope is that this post can help guide you through the test preparation process and can provide you with some resources that may be useful as you find the best studying methods/resources that work for your learning style.

Click the links below to visit various test prep websites with programs and resources for you as you navigate through your health profession entrance exam. Many of these resources include paid subscriptions, but some offer free practice exams and/or resources as well.


"Our teachers know your test, inside and out, and they did well on it. Really well. Now they’ll show you how to do the same.There’s an expert teacher at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s leading a class, creating a Qbank, or developing the digital tools behind your new high score."

Magoosh (MCAT, GRE)

"We’re here to help you improve as fast as possible. With Magoosh, you’ll always be studying with the most updated, tried-and-tested materials, based on careful analysis of students’ answers. We don’t overwhelm you with questions; we focus on high-yield topics and make every question count!"

Altius Test Prep (MCAT)

"When it comes to the MCAT and medical school admissions, we help our clients achieve the so-called "impossible" every. single. day. spent over 14 years perfecting our groundbreaking MCAT Tutoring System, which includes hundreds of behind-the-scenes components that each drive student performance."

Princeton Review (MCAT, GRE, DAT, OAT)

"Our mission is to provide personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and admission products and services to help students knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals."

DAT Bootcamp  (DAT and OAT)

"With Bootcamp, you’ll always be studying the most updated, high-yield materials based on years of experience helping students like you succeed. We’ll make sure you study only what you need to know and nothing else."

ExamKrackers (MCAT)

"We care about your MCAT score! You and we are taking your MCAT together. We are fully invested in your MCAT success. We need you to get a huge score improvement. That is the ONLY way we can continue doing what we love to do: crushing the MCAT and making our competition look hapless. Please join us to defeat this monster test."

Gold Standard MCAT Prep (MCAT, DAT, OAT)

The Gold Standard MCAT has helped tens of thousands of students improve their chances of medical school admissions. For more than 25 years, we have had a student-centered approach using multimedia to simplify, innovate and to provide extensive practice. We strongly believe in problem-based learning (PBL) and we have constructed our books, videos, online materials and apps with PBL as the foundation.

Our practice tests have been designed specifically for the DAT test, following the exact format and timings to make sure you are fully prepared for the big day. OAT test preparation is identical to DAT preparation for all topics except that Physics is unique to the OAT exam and PAT is unique to the DAT examWe have assembled the best OAT review and preparation materials (books, OAT practice tests and videos) to help improve the success rate of our students.

CrackDAT (DAT)

"To boost your scores for the Dental Admission Test, we equip you with the largest arsenal of "real-life" DAT Mock Exams to put your knowledge to the test and the means to simulate the Dental Admission Test by mirroring what you can expect on test day."


"We created the TEAS and then developed a variety of prep products to help you pass the exam the first time and earn the score you need. Our NCLEX Prep Solutions products provide you with everything you need to feel ready for this crucial exam and launch your nursing career. For optimal results, use our products together."

Pixorize (MCAT)

"Pixorize turns hard to remember MCAT topics (Biology & Psych/Soc) into cohesive visual pictures, making them easy for you to remember. We walk you through each image with our step-by-step videos, then give you interactive images for study and review."

*Cal Poly Pre-Health Advising does not endorse any test prep companies. This is an informational post to help you find the right test prep company for your needs!*