Alumni Letter (2016): Amanda Muzzio, New York University College of Dentistry

Amanda was a Cal Poly student, class of 2013, and attended Dental school at New York University, class of 2018. Here is her letter:

"For me, the first semester of dental school was all about learning how to study for such a fast-paced and rigorous course load. I realized that I had to ditch how I studied in undergrad – no more Fridays and Saturdays off from studying and definitely no more cramming for exams! I also had to get used to spending some weekends in the bench lab at school practicing my hand skills. It’s professional school now, and I needed to learn the material like a professional would. That meant studying and practicing for my long-term memory in order to use it when I would eventually treat my patients. Most importantly, though, the first semester was when I found my place in my new school and city. I didn’t focus all of my energy on academics – at times I prioritized relaxing and exploring my new home, meeting my classmates, and getting involved with on-campus clubs. A strong support network and an outlet for stress are very important, so building these early on has really helped me stay happy and balanced throughout the past three years here!"

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Note: This letter was written and received in 2016. Click here to check out a more recent letter from Dr. Muzzio to see what she's been up to since graduating from NYU in 2018.